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    Software development service

    Service mode:
    The thorough discussion about customer physical demand, special develop the application software for the customer, and provides later period service even routine maintenance
    Business flow:
    Understood that the customer demand - analysis appraisal demand - provides the solution - set up the technical team - complete the product development - on scene product deployment - realization and delivery processes of products - provide the post-sale service
    Correlation technique:
    Programming language:C#、Java、 PHP、 Ruby
    Application software architecture :.NET Framework & J2EE(NET、ASP.NET、WebService 和 Remoting.NET4、WCF、Silverlight、EntityFramework; JDBC、JSP、Servlet、EJB 和 Java Bean).
    Database:Oracle & Sql Server & MySql & NoSql
    IDE tools:Visual Studio & Eclipse & Net Beans & Dreamweaver & Fireworks & Expression Studio
    W3C Standards Suggestion and standard:HTML、XHTML、CSS、XML 、XLST、XSD、AJAX 和 javascript
    Programming technology:Javascript & Ajax
    UML: Visual Paradigm、Visio and Power Desiger Modelling tools.
    Salesforce: We use technologies of Salesforce、Microsoft Azure for customer service.
    Service domain:
    The enterprise production processes, the business events flow, business human resources management, the Bureau of Education administration, the school teaching, the food and beverage industry operation, the physical distribution call center, handheld terminal, electronic commerce, the large-scale portal site, the data processing, the medicine enterprise flow sheet pre-processing.