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    About Us

    We are the one IT company expert in the software engineering project management and the development skill, carry on the software project outsourcing development and IT labour on site, provides data processing for the customer.

    We can undertake the repair and the consummation the procedure works those are injuried, abandoned and the half-cooked, particularly application procedure which written by the C# language compilation.

    We are also glad to use and maintain the language and the system of open source tools, like languages, Linux system and so on PHP/Java/Ruby, as well as many open source management software.

    Our experience

    We gained rich profession experiencein from software designs, the management and the development work in the ten more years. The domains including the enterprise produce, service, human resources, education, teaching, dining, call center and so on. The application software involve CMS, CRM, MES, MRP, ERP, HR, SSO and so on.